Kindle Publishing Made Easy – eGuide & Video Tutorial

Kindle Publishing Made Easy - eGuide & Video TutorialClick Image To Visit SiteInternet Marketers, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Pastors, Church Leaders, Bible Teachers, Speakers, Poets, Authors and Writers.. You have a huge selection of material that needs to be shared globally. Let me show you how to publish your hard work as an Amazon Kindle publication – quickly, easily and without incurring publishing costs. Whether long or short, your material is exactly what people around the world would love to have access to.

Have you tried to format your book for Kindle and been frustrated with the result? I have great news for you! It has become easier than ever to publish for Kindle! PUBLISH YOUR PASSION is a very special concise yet comprehensive course on Kindle Publishing that will help you do that. Even “non-techies” will discover how simple it is to prepare your book and format it professionally for publishing on Amazon Kindle. Plus you will receive specially formatted templates to save you formatting headaches and stress as well as my popular eGuide “Kindle Publishing Made Easy.” Once your book is ready for publishing, you will be enabled to publish it within 24 hours and receive up to 70% royalties on sales.

KDP Profits

KDP ProfitsClick Image To Visit SiteWhether you are an aspiring author who’s just mulling over the idea of publishing a book, or you have already published something yourself – you are probably aware of how difficult the process of publishing your first book is. Not to mention how complicated it might seem to actually earn some serious profit from it. Back in the day, once you had finished writing your manuscript, you would have to persuade a publisher just to even have a look at your work, let alone publish it. On the other hand..

Now, making money from it is an entirely different story… And that’s why I decided to put together a comprehensive video course, that teaches you exactly how to navigate the intricate world of ePublishing, and how to profitably reach thousands of buyers, month in, month out. Basically, it’s 5 years of my experience in self-publishing contained in 4 extensive modules, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

Subscription – Integrity Commerce™

Subscription - Integrity Commerce™Click Image To Visit SiteIt’s a collection of step by step, executable digital marketing training modules that are proven and guaranteed to help increase rankings, traffic and conversions.  We’ll teach you the same Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) methodology that we use for all of our e-commerce clients which will help you save thousands on agency fees.  We’ll show you how to generate sales using various social media platforms (including Facebook & Twitter) and when you have built up enough profit to re-invest with these techniques; we’ll show you how to build profitable Paid Search campaigns with Google AdWords including Search, Display, Mobile & Shopping advertising.

We’ll even provide you with downloads, toolkits and links to the same software resources that we use for our clients.

Info Biz Academy – Create Your Info-Biz Empire!

Info Biz Academy - Create Your Info-Biz Empire!Click Image To Visit Site"Your methods work and your approach is brilliant – if I had this when I was first starting out, I’d be retired by now!" Sheldon Kirschner, SK Products Inc.

Build a REAL online business, with UNLIMITED opportunities for profits, growth, and direction:

SEO Elite Has Officially Retired

SEO Elite Has Officially RetiredClick Image To Visit SiteIn 2016 and beyond, we will be transitioning Bryxen Software out of Windows based, desktop software applications, and into fully featured web based Saas applications that can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world. This will allow us to better serve the internet marketing community.

In order to accomplish this, after much deliberation, we have decided to officially retire SEO Elite and remove it from the marketplace. Again, thank you to the 100,000+ customers that we’ve has been fortunate to serve over the years.

Genie Dream – Private Label Rights – Resell Rights – Master Resell Rights

Genie Dream - Private Label Rights - Resell Rights - Master Resell RightsClick Image To Visit SiteTopics across over 700 Niches totalling over 1,000,000 products. For example: Action, Adventure, Affiliates, Animals, Articles, Arts, Audio Ebooks, Auto, Beauty, Body, Business, Cats, Children, Christian Books, Classic E-Books, Computers, Cooking, Crafts, Decorating, Diet, Dogs, E-Books, E-Business, E-Marketing, Educational, Entertainment, Family, Fantasy, Fiction, Finance, Fitness, Food, Forex, Gambling, Games, Garden, Golf, Health, History, Hobbies, Home, Home Business, Horror, How To, Humor, Illustrated, Internet, Investing, Jobs, Law, Legal, Management, Manuals, Medicine, Men, Mind, Music, Mystery, Nature, NonFiction, Novels, Parenting, Philosophy, Poetry, Programming, Psychology, Real Estate, Relationship, Religion, Romance, Sci-Fi, Science, Self Defence, Self Help, SEO, Spirituality, Sports, Thrillers, Travel, Video, Wedding, Weight Loss, Women, Young Adult. Read more…

Press Release Software – Press Equalizer

Press Release Software - Press EqualizerClick Image To Visit SiteAttention: It’s The Amazing Secret Weapon Any Serious Website Owner, Affiliate Marketer, or SEO Expert Would KILL to Possess!

Hidden behind the search engines lies a rarely-used "backdoor." And, on the other side, a quicker and easier path awaits anyone who opens it…

Flextime Income: The Online MBA Income Program Flextime Income: The Online MBA Income Program – For Newbies, Frustrated Entrepreneurs, and Go-Getters

Flextime Income:  The Online MBA Income Program Flextime Income:  The Online MBA Income Program – For Newbies, Frustrated Entrepreneurs, and Go-GettersClick Image To Visit SiteI’m Spencer White and I’ve been right where you are now. Thinking there’s got to be a better, easier, and smarter way to create an additional income stream. First and foremost, I’m a firm believer in creating multiple streams of income. That’s exactly why I turned to the internet. The problem was (and still is) information overload. Plus, I didn’t have a lot of extra cash to waste (but ended up doing it anyway). Everyone it seems has the latest and greatest program that you absolutely have to have. Many of the so-called "Gurus" focus on the Bells and Whistles but leave out the Basics. They’re some good guys out there but most just want you to spend your hard-earned money on special programs that will instantly produce $500 per day in income just by clicking a button. Yeah, right. You know the old saying, "if it’s too good to be true, it probably is." Until you know the basics and understand some of the why’s and where’s of the internet you’re just going to get more and more confused, more and more frustrated, and shell out more and more cash. I’ve learned the hard way and want to spare you from wasting money on programs that you don’t need, can’t understand, and won’t produce the results you want.

So, where does that leave you? Frustrated – yep.  Confused – yep.  Not Sure Who to Trust – yep.  Want the Internet "Pot of Gold" but Don’t Know Where to Begin – yep. 

One Click Article Spinner – Quick and Easy Way to create unique content

One Click Article Spinner – Quick and Easy Way to create unique contentClick Image To Visit SiteHave you ever spent countless number of hours try to make the “perfect”, “unique” spun article just to find out the uniqueness of what you created wasn’t good enough? Not anymore.

One  Click Article Spinner does all the dirty-works for you. All you need to do is to tell the topic of your content and you will get perfectly spun article in just a few minutes. 

ZonMaster – The Amazon Seller’s Assistant

ZonMaster - The Amazon Seller's AssistantClick Image To Visit SiteGreat customer relations is a proven way to get better reviews. ZonMaster works 24/7 to contact your customers, so you can focus on your business.

ZonMaster is perfect for Amazon Sellers with accounts homed in either (USA) or (UK). We support integrated accounts and European sales.